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This is an expansion of my top 5 reasons that I shared on YES FM.  They got a pretty good response so I thought I would share the whole list.


Reason # 10

I live near Detroit so I am used to having the lions lose anyways

Reason # 9

He was smart enough to be out of town when they stoked up the fiery furnace

Reason # 8

He could actually say and spell Nebuchadnezzar correctly

Reason # 7

He was a vegetarian…oh no …wait…yep that is from the list of reasons NOT to like him

Reason # 6

Helen of Troy??? Whatever… Angels and Demons fought a war over him

Reason # 5

He has the coolest Veggie Tales Song Ever

Reason # 4

He didn’t get a dime of royalties from any of the diet/fasting plans that bear his name

Reason # 3

He got the coolest Babylonian name…who wouldn’t want to be called Belteshazzar.

Reason # 2

He is the only Politician/Civil Servant that I know of who was quoted by Jesus.


And my # 1 Reason for Liking Daniel

He was a true Hupomone Man, remaining “under God” as His servant through the rise and fall of Kings and Kingdom’s

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