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I have been posting intermittently from Allana’s blog. I encourage you to take the time to go and look through the entire 90 days.

Learning To Fly

Day 85, Sunday, March 29th

From now until the end of our Challenge (Friday, April 3rd) some of the True Beauty ladies are willing to share a testimony about their personal lives. I pray that all who read will be blessed!

God Story #1.
God can and will carry you through the hardest times in your life. He will give you words to speak that will tell of His great love for you and for others. He will provide for each and every need in your life when you call out to Him. First time you call out to Him for “HELP,” it is for salvation. Then you cry for “HELP” because you need His strength to carry you.

I am a lost, lonely, sad, frightened child of divorce.
Can you help me Father? Can I trust you? Will you stick with me?

*Cast all your cares on ME…

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Hard to believe this 90 day journey for Allana (and by default ME) is coming to close. But really it is just bringing us to the beginning of a new adventure courtesy of the Holy Spirit!

Learning To Fly

Day 82, Thursday, March 26th

When God called me to do a 90 Day Faith Journey, I was like, “Okay, that’s cool.” When He called me to write a devotional every single one of those 90 Days, I was taken back for a moment with fear. How could I possibly do that? Sure I have had many tell me that I should write a book. However, I just never really thought it was ever going to be true…

I am now writing my 82nd piece… wow God! It has been an amazing experience for me. At times I have looked at a blank page for hours wondering what I should say. Other times I have sat down with so much on my heart, I wondered how I would possibly share with only two to three pages. Only 8 days left. Seriously, you have no idea what a huge miracle this…

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