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November 2010

It has been too long since I last posted here.  School, family and ministry have kept me very busy.  However as the title states I am not here to make excuses.  I am here to tell a little about what God has been doing in my life over the last few months.  I started my Senior year of college at CBC online at the end of August.  It was going to be my Junior year 2nd semester but God is good and the Registrar at CBC took what I think are extraordinary steps to make sure that I received all the credit possible for my prior schooling.  The final result is that at the end of the Spring semester I will only have one course left to receive my BA in Bible and Theology.  This semester has been an awesome experience for me and not only with my classes.

We have had a great multiplication of ministry opportunities since our summer of ministry and travel.  God has been great at opening and closing doors of ministry, putting us where HE wants us to be.  The Lewis House newsletter describes some of those events.  We have also been blessed with many opportunities to serve at Compelled Church.  We are very blessed to have been accepted as Covenant Partners at Compelled during a very exciting time in God’s work there.  As the church prepares to open a campus in Toledo we find ourselves drawn by the Holy Spirit to the lost and hurting people of Toledo.  It is amazing how God is combining the vision and ministry opportunities at Compelled with the vision and opportunities at The Lewis House. Pray for us as we continue to pursue a move to the Lewis Ave. area.  I am going to try to attach the Lewis House newsletter to this post but here is the url if I fail:

I now have my WordPress account shortcutted on my school netbook so hopefully I will get back here a little more often.  Here are a couple of specific prayer requests:

1.  Allana is creating a Children’s Choir for Compelled Church.  The will be performing for the first time before the Youth production of Rudolf the Red-Nose Reindeer.  It will be presented as a dinner theater on December 10th and as an open performance December 11th.  All proceeds benefit Speed the Light.

2.  God’s provision as we look to moving into Lewis Avenue area. 

3.  God’s provision as Compelled Church looks to launch the Toledo Campus.  Specifically we are still looking for a suitable location. 

4.  God’s blessing on all those who came out for the inaugural launch team meeting, especially Pastor Kelly and Pastor Curtis!

5.  God’s continued grace and blessing on myself, Allana, Robert, Emily, Samantha and Chayla.

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