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As I prepare for church this morning I am thinking of all the circumstances that brought us to today.  I am going to be baptizing my daughter Samantha Ann Guidry.  She was not always Samantha Ann Guidry.  She was born Samantha Ann Belrose.  I legally formalized the relationship that already existed since she was 8 months old in February of 2007. Today I will baptize her, publicly recognizing her adoption as a child of God.  I know just a little bit of how He feels.  It is awesome that she selected me to take part in this public confession of her faith.  We celebrate our daughter; we celebrate our adoption as Children of God.

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Guidry-Lewis House1


Our initial ministry letter and the January newsletter for The Lewis House.

Most of you who read this blog probably know by now that we have accepted a missions position with The Lewis House ministry in the Five Points neighborhood of Toledo.  It has been a long process that God has brought us through to make this commitment to Him!  We sent out our initial ministry letter which I am attaching to this post.  If you have not received one and would like to be a part of our mailing list message me (Facebook or Email) with your address and we will get you added.

We are excited about this move and look forward to the future blessings we will experience as we work with George and Sarah Williams spreading the Gospel of God’s love in Toledo.  God has already been so good to us even as he hammered us into a shape that he could use in this ministry.

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