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And the lessons continue (for me)….

Walking in the Miraculous is about walking as the hands and feet of Jesus.  When we make a conscientious effort to be Christ by immersing ourselves in His Word, in His Spirit and in His Love daily, the opportunities to be His hands, His feet and even His voice come.  I am still shaken in my spirit (in a good way!) when God visibly and miraculously arranges my life to provide me with those opportunities.  I wonder if we are too enamored with the more “exciting” miraculous gifts.  Healing is great.  I thank God every day for my prayer language that builds up my spiritual strength, intercedes when I am at a loss and cements my relationship to the Holy Spirit but Lord please give me the miraculous gift of being in the right place at the right time, recognizing the opportunity before me and addressing it with all the power and love of the Holy Spirit that resides in me.  Here is the kicker, while these opportunities put us in a position to impact someone’s life, WE are the ones who are impacted the most! We are transformed into His image, from glory to glory!(1 Corinthians 3:18).

I think of Philip, God decided a nice trip into the desert was in order.  I have to wonder if Philip did not at least grumble a little under his breath.  All the nice places that God could have sent Philip.  I mean there was still lots of work to be done in Antioch wasn’t there, but now God sends Philip south…all that is SOUTH is DESERT!  But God knew and Philip was given an opportunity to be the hands, feet and voice of Jesus; an opportunity to not only experience the miraculous but the opportunity to participate in the miraculous!  There was a eunuch that day that was changed FOREVER but I have to believe that between the two men in this story the one who was impacted the most, the one who walked away transformed from glory to glory was Philip.  While the miraculous transportation was pretty cool at the end of this story, the miraculous transformation that occurred during the story is the miracle that I want to experience!

Lord help me to NEVER miss an opportunity to serve you and be transformed because I am short on time, to busy or don’t see the point.  Open my eyes to the working of your hand in all the mundane details that shape the paths that I walk everyday and stand ready to be Your hands, Your feet and Your voice in a world that so desperately needs You, in a world where Your children so desperately need YOU!  Help me to truly Walk in the Miraculous!


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