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Yes it has been a really long time since I have been here and I really have no reason why?  I have four other posts that begin with substantially that same sentence that never made it to the blog.  Certainly many blog-worthy things have happened in the past 8 months.

Last summer was amazing!  Full of events, activities and most importantly God moments.  It ended with a mixture of sadness and joy as my grandmother went to be with Jesus.  However the excitement of celebrating her 100th birthday with her in July was incredible.  The Lewis House was buzzing with summer activities and God was there supplying our needs even as I predicted financial doom over and over again.  ( Yes I still do that…a little more quietly than before…I am learning.)  The crush of the holidays was just that but punctuated by the incredible generosity of a local restaurateur who made Thanksgiving wonderful for many of our neighbors.  The generosity of God’s people continued as we were able to distribute 30 bags of gifts door to door the week before Christmas.  Women from all over came to TLH to pamper the ladies of Five Points.  All to say that it was not God’s inaction that led to the neglect of my blog.

I think that many times our lives in Christ are like my blog.  We get so tied up in things that we just cannot make that connection to God.  When we “sit” at the “computer” of our lives it feels like God is not moving in a way that is exciting or interesting.  We are able to start out in a good direction but cannot sustain the movement until we get a published product.  However when we take time to reflect and commit to action His hand in our lives and in our world becomes so apparent.  So whether or not I become more faithful to this blog, I do commit myself to spending time with God daily and publishing him everyday in my life.

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