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We just finished our first full week at The Lewis House.  It was a great week!  We had three awesome ministry events.  Wednesday our youth group from Compelled Church (EVERFREE) came and went door to door in the neighborhood handing out fliers for our Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday.  Thursday we had our last Soup Kitchen Cafe.  On Friday we were so blessed.  The public elementary school agreed to distribute 510 fliers to all of their students.  So Saturday we had many children new to the ministry!  Two of our fine arts teams from EVERFREE performed as well as the Master’s Commission from New Life Tabernacle.  My lovely wife Allana led the children in a couple of worship songs and George took the opportunity to speak the Gospel to the crowd after our first fine arts performance.  We definitely put Jesus back in Easter for a whole bunch of children and parents.  It was such a blessing to see the people of God come together to server the Kingdom.  Members of Calvary Bible Church put together and ran a crafts table, while the teens from Compelled Church Assembly of God and the young adults from New Life Tabernacle Open Bible Church performed at an event organized by The Lewis House and hosted by the awesome pastor and congregation of Collingwood United Methodist Church.  Guess what folks, God does not belong to a denomination!  I believe I felt him smile even as I did looking out at His Family working together for His Kingdom.  I was so blessed to have the small part that I did in the incredible event.

Whatever happens, conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ…contending as one man for the faith of the gospel

Philippians 1:2

Thank you Lord Jesus for all the workers who planted your field on Saturday. Bless them for their faithfulness!  Bless them for their love for You and for the Lost!

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