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Just thought I would update everyone.  I just drove Stacey to the chiropractor (for those of you who do not know she is on staff with TLH and runs the Holy Toledo Warriors 4h group).  The van is running fine.  There is no gear damage.  The engine is fine.  It is humbling when the hand of God reaches into your life and moves things (literally)

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Van moved 50 ft. to avoid accident

Angels can drive!

Our van was parked pretty much where I was standing when I took this picture.  A drunk driver struck the car behind the car behind us with enough force to spin the driver’s car 180 degrees and flip it on its side.  An eyewitness told me that when he came out our van was gently rolling to its current position (about 50 feet from where it was parked) and that he thought that someone was driving it.  I thoroughly examined the outside of the van.  There is not an additional mark on it.  I had myself convinced that the transmission was toast and that the van rolled because the gears had been stripped by the accident, but it started up, backed up, pulled forward, backed up again and then went into park without a problem.  I got out and rocked the van to make sure park was holding it still.  I will never know exactly what happened, but I believe that Angels can drive.

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