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A post from a friend who is also walking a very hard road. I love her honesty and her Faith!

Until We Meet Again...

This post has a dual purpose. The first one is to say thank you. Thank you to everyone who constantly thinks of me. Thank you to everyone who keeps me in their prayers. Thank you to each person who encourages me through this ridiculously tough season of life. It’s because of you that I’ve managed to get this far.

I realized sometime this past week that the biggest reason I’ve been able to heal from the tragedy that is my life is because of you. Because of your prayer. Prayer is so incredibly powerful. It’s the constant prayers that have gotten me through to this point and helped me when things get hard. I still have hard days. I still have rough times. But as the days go on, they become less and less frequent. Which is a good thing. By no means am I forgetting Jordan. In fact, each…

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