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Wow what a day yesterday!  Allana was still sick so she was out of the picture for most of the day.  We got Sami and Emily up and moving.  They are on half days of school.  Then it was time to feel the power…the power washer that is.  We are getting the basement floor ready to be painted.  Chipping, scrubbing and spraying with the pressure washer and then channeling all that water to the available drains.  It was DRAINING.  I know all of us were beat but our Friday night meeting started at 7:00.  We enjoyed an awesome dinner of hamburgers and pasta salad (thanks Sarah!)  Then we were thrilled to have 4 kids come.  We played games, colored and spoke the fruit of the spirit into their lives for two hours.  Then we headed off to BCC for the fireworks.  By the time we got home, everyone was exhausted.  This leads into our busy day today.  No school today so we were able to sleep in a little.  Then it was breakfast, some nice fellowship at the table with Naomi and then off to our Party in the Park.  We were able to hand out a bunch of invitations to the Ice Cream Party that we are having next Friday night here at the house.  We are looking forward to sharing our lives with these wonderful children in the neighborhood.  Big Kudo’s to Chris and his gang from Calvary Bible Chapel.  They are bringing God’s kingdom into the darkness that is life for many children in this area.  Robert jumped right in with the neighborhood kids.  He is an awesome model for relational ministry.  Tonight we are headed to New Life on Summerfield near Petersburg for their fair, then greeting at BCC and then possibly back to the fair.  God is opening the doors of peoples hearts.  So many are ready receive, they just need someone to model the Love of God and speak the Gospel!

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