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I posted this on Twitter and got quite a response so I decided it was worth reblogging. Little did I know that just 3 years later I would be deep in a Saturday of my own.

Fan Into Flame Ministries

     Big week this week!  Just enjoyed a wonderful Easter weekend with my family and at BCC.  As we worshipped and studied, God really spoke to me about some things that I had never considered.  Probably the biggest one was on Saturday.  We celebrate Good Friday.  We celebrate Easter.  What about Saturday,  sandwiched between the suffering of the greatest sacrifice ever made and the glory of the most magnificent triumph ever, past present or future. 

 How often do we find ourselves on Saturday.  That blank day between the suffering and triumph.  At least as we watch the events unfolding we can focus on the horror, the pain.  We can anticipate the miraculous escape, the triumphant turning of the tide as God magnificently brings the victory.  Then it doesn’t happen the way we want or expect.  The night falls,  a restless night, perhaps without sleep, certainly with disturbed dreams.  Then what about Saturday…

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